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Friday, April 2, 2010

Seventh Generation Rebate

While visiting I came across information to get some seventh generation items at a good price and send in for a $5 rebate to make it even a better deal. Today I went to Toys R Us to cash in on the great deals they are having for Hasbro games and at the front of the store they had 3 shelves of Seventh Generation products on clearance for $1.99 each. This is at the store in Concord, NC. There was a sign by them that stated "$5 off instantly when you spend $30 on Seventh Generation Products" with an expiration of 4/6 for the deal. So I went home and went onto the Seventh Generation website and printed multiple coupons for $1 off a product and $2/2 products. I also had several $1 coupons that were in the paper a few weeks ago. I then returned to Toys R Us.

I was able to purchase 16 items for $31.84. $5 was automatically taken off (the savings was divided between the products), and then I used multiple coupons to save another $16 off ($1 an item). My new total was $11 plus tax. I will be able to send in my receipt and get the $5 rebate. My final OOP (out of pocket) amount for 16 Seventh Generation products will be $6.

The products I bought were:
4 boxes of free and clear fabric softener sheets
2 free and clear liquid fabric softener
2 free and clear baby laundry detergent
4 free and clear dish soap
1 chlorine free bleach
1 dishwasher soap
2 free and clear cleaner

I was super excited and couldn't believe how lucky I was to stumble across such a great deal. By combining information from multiple websites i was able to locate and print coupons and learned about the rebate and was able to print the form. And with keeping my eyes open when out and about I was able to maximize my savings and get products that I couldn't afford at full price (the laundry detergent retails for over $7 alone).

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