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Friday, April 2, 2010

My first day / my first try at Blogging

So here it is, my first official blog. I have been faithfully reading a handful of blogs regarding couponing, freebies, and savings for about 6 months. During this time I have learned through trial and error what works for my family and me, and what works at the store's I frequent. Along the way I have met many people (most who are standing behind me in line and are amazed when my total amount due is significantly less than the original total) and steered them towards the blog sights I have come to rely on. In order to maximize my savings in the store's in my area I am only able to do so by visiting multiple sights and figuring out some of it on my own. I figured since I was already constantly telling people via word of mouth and through emails about the great deals I have gotten and how they can get them, why not have a place where people can go to see for themselves.

A little about me:
My name is Kathleen. I am a part time working mom who has a wonderful husband, a stepson who is 16, a daughter who is 14, another son who is 12, a second daughter who is 10 and my youngest is just under 2 years old. Oh, and lets not forget about the two members of my family who are pretty sure they are human, and who are genetically canine - scout our black lab, and sara our mutt. My husband runs his own business and works a lot from home. Besides working part time, I also teach a class each semester at a local college. Each of my kids (except the baby) are involved in sports and currently two of the 5 have braces. I tell you all of this random information so you can see that I am a busy mom who doesn't have hours and hours a day to research and find deals either. I also have to really watch each penny in order to maximize and especially during these recent hard times. By being careful on what and how I buy, I am able to stick to my budget of $350 - $400 a month for all food, toiletries, and dog food. Basically anything I buy at a grocery store, drug store, or major savings stores such as Target and Walmart.

My budget: $350 a month
I know there are a ton of sites out there that talk about how they are able to live off of $25 or $50 a week. With the size of my family and the ages of my kids, this isn't possible. Not unless I were to sacrifice things I am not willing to in order to only spend $25 a week. My kids eat their veggies willingly and even like salad with dinner each night topped with all the veggies and even avocados. I am fine with spending $75 - $100 a month on fresh fruits and veggies if my kids eat them. Currently I want to spend $350 a month, but somehow usually end up at around $400. So my challenge to myself is to stick to $350 a month and see if I can do it without sacrificing a lot o the healthy foods we eat, and who knows, maybe by 2011 I can even get is down to $300.

My goal for this Blog:
I don't know exactly the direction that this will take. Time will tell. I am always reading links to where people show and tell what they were able to get for so little and have wanted to participate for awhile. So finally I will be able to! I also am hoping for those that are interested to be able to supply some deals in my area (Cabarrus County / Mecklenburg County in NC) and help others save money without having to invest a lot of time (which is hard enough to come by).

I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read my first day of blogging! I hope if nothing else it has inspired you to find ways to save more without sacrificing the things you really love.

Thank you for your time,

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