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Friday, April 23, 2010

Rite Aid Savings 4/18 - 4/24

This was a really great week for me at Rite Aid.  With the allergy gift card promotion, store printable coupons online matched with manufactorer coupons, and rebates I walked away with more than I spent coming back to me x2.  I made three transactions to optimize my $3/$15, $5/2 $20  and $5/$25 Rite Aid coupons I had.

This is a picture of all three transactions together.  I bought a box of U Kotex pads, 6 boxes of Clariton (one pack is the Clariton D)  10 packs, 2 Omega 3 gummies, 2 snack size bags of emerald trail mix (needed a filler), and 2 bags of TGI Friday chips (used $1.50 coupons off .99- and received .51 overage each).

Total Retail (all 3 transactions):  $ 85.94 - $57.98 (manufactorer and store coupons) = $13.23Total OOP (all three transactions).  I also earned $2.49 in rebate for April, and $25 rite aid gift card for the $50 in allergy medicine promotion (I entered my receipts online and it counted the sale price of the 6 clariton, and didn't take off for coupons).

Final amount after gift cards and rebates:  $14.26 profit

Total OOP week: $90.55 Total % saved: 77%
Total OOP month: $362 Total % saved: 76.5%
Total over budge for month: +$12

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