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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Free Earthbound Shopping Bag Monday 4/5 at 2pm

The next chance to win a free shopping bag at Earthbound is on Monday 4/5at 2pm. 

 If you score 100% on the Earth-Bound Kitchen Quiz, you will score a FREE Earthbound Farm shopping bag. To take the quiz, you will need to click here and then click on “Come Into the Kitchen!” Good luck!

Here's the link:

I was able to get through the quiz the other day and was told my bag was on the way.  At the time I was trying the surver was very very busy, so don't try to rush ahead.  Wait for everything to load on the page(s)

before clicking to go on the next page.  If you make a mistake on the quiz it will let you correct it. 

Good luck, let me know if you are able to get a bag!

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