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Friday, April 9, 2010

Grocery Store Savings April 3 - April 9

This week I went to Aldi, Bi-Lo, Harris Teeter, Food Lion and Lowes Food.    I am very fortunate. The closest grocery store is only about a 5 minute drive, and on the same road within 5 miles of each other is Lowes Foods, Harris Teeter, Aldi, Rite Aid (although this is an unfriendly coupon store), Bi-Lo, Food Lion, CVS and Walgreens.  So if I start at one end of the road and work my way down I can literally hit everything without going on another road!  This really helps, so I feel better about going to multiple store's for just a few things since it is all so close and I am not going out of my way and wasting a bunch of gas to save $2. 

Here is the breakdown:

Aldi: OOP $14.18 / Bi-Lo: OOP: $2.82 Coupons: $3 Store Savings: $6.07 Regular Retail: $11.89
2 tortillas, 1 lb. ready to eat carrots, 2 lb. bag carrots, 3 peppers, cucumber, bananas, hamburger buns, turkey bacon, pampers wipes, and 1/2 dozen yellow roses.

Harris Teeter: OOP $25.39 Coupons: $10 Store savings: $19.94 Regular retail: $55.30
Not pictured is two 17lb bags of kibbles and bits dog food from Harris Teeter.
This was a splurge trip, I got an 8 piece chicken bucket and a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts!

Food Lion: OOP $7.25 Coupons: $7.50 Store savings: $14 Regular Retail: $28.75
bananas, 2 bacon, 2 hot dogs

Lowes:  OOP $36.93  Coupons: $15.34  Store savings: $28.75  Regular Retail:  $81.02
5 Pizza's, 2 Margarine, 2 coffee creamer, 1 loaf bread, 1 OJ, 3 Minute Maid Juice, 2 flats flowers  + 3 more individual 6 pack of flowers

Total OOP:  $86.57   Total Savings:  52% 

Total For Week: OOP: $118.26       Total Percentage Saved: 66%

Total For Month: OOP: $ 216.11    Total Percentage Saved: 75%       Budget left for month: $133.89


  1. That's so nice that you have so many choices so close together. (Sigh), maybe someday! Thanks for linking!

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