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Friday, April 16, 2010

Drug Store / CVS Savings for 4/11 - 4/17

Once again this week I was only able to make it to CVS.    I was able to get 3- John Frieda shampoo's, 2 rolls of CVS toilet paper, Dove conditioner, 2 large vaseliine lotions, Dove Deoderant, and another Vaseline lotion (for free with purchase of three items), 2 glade refills, 2 3-packs of gum, and easter egg kit for next year. 

Total retail price: $79.90 -$ 29.24 (savings in sale prices) - $33.75 manufactorer and CVS coupons - $8.29 ECB = $9.44 total OOP.  I also earned another $10.49 in ECB.  (I actually have a $10 ECB from last time but I couldn't use it because with the tax taken out of the total due I only owed $5.65.  I didn't want to throw away $4.35 in free money, and didn't want to just grab stuff to fill that I didn't need)

Total savings 89%

Total OOP for week: $55.55   Total % saved for week:  72%
Total OOP for month: $271.66  Total % saved for month:  75%
Total left in budget:  $ 78.34


  1. Wow! You did great! I did pretty good at CVS this week, but not as good as you! Here's what I got:


  2. Fantastic drug store savings!! =) Thanks for linking up!