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Monday, May 10, 2010

Managing Money Mondays


Stockpiling is key to making the most out of coupons and sales.  When you can get an item at an extreme discount or even free, that is the time to buy multiples.  Usually items go on sale on a three month rotation.  That mean is Kellogg's cereal is on sale for B1G1 Free this week, then there is a very good probability that they will be on sale at the same price or equivalent within the next three month.  Therefore, when buying items for your stockpile keep the following things in mind to make the most  of you money and space:
1.  Only buy what you will use for sure in the next 3 months (that includes taking into consideration what you already have at home).
2.  Look for the latest "use by" date to ensure that it will still be within that range 3 - 4 months from now (I try to not buy anything I won't use in the next few weeks that doesn't have a date of at least 6 months from now).
3. Make sure you have the room for the items you are buying.  It doesn't do any good to buy 10 lbs. of chicken if you can even fit it in the freezer.
4. Don't forget to rotate your stock pile, putting the closest expiration date towards the front.  I am guilty of coming home and just shoving items, and then forgetting to rotate them, only to find a box of something that expired 6 months ago. 

how do you manage your stock pile?  what rules do you follow?
- Kathleen

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