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Friday, May 7, 2010

April Budget Final - I blew it!

Wow, so the first month that I diligently kept track of my spendings and I blew it, BiG TIME!

If only Lowes Foods and Harris Teeter had not done triple coupons the last few days of the month, and if only I had self control!  LOL!

Well here is the breakdown  (this includes all grocery store, drug store, health food store, and shopping at Target and Walmart):

Total Regular Retail:   $2061.94
Total Savings with coupons:  $866.09
Total store savings:  $675.89
Total OOP:  $459.53

At end of month I had:  $22 in ECB and I sent in for $69.50 in rebates.

I don't count the ECB off of my total or the rebates because I count my ECB as savings as I go and rebates are earmarked for Christmas money. 

Well, all and all, not my best.  I pulled money from my extra money amount this month ($50) and I had a few savings throughout the month so I had a little extra.  Of course as life goes, no sooner did we finish this month, then one of our vehicles needed fixed.  So after paying for that, next month I will be trying not only to stay within budget, but (YIKES) cut it even more to make up some of the money.  So for MAY my budget is $250.  So, lets see what happens!  

How do you do on your budget?  Do you stick with it with ease?  Do you blow it every now and again?  Can you never stick to your budget?

- Kathleen

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